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Eminem talking about his father leaving him at a young age

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Where is my talent


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Chandelier » Directed by Sia & Daniel Askill, featuring Maddie Ziegler.

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They say for every ten years you’ve been a junkie, you’ll have spent seven of them waiting. On the one hand it was nice having all that time to think. On the other, anxiety was a full time job.

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marshall and his pretty face
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Heath ♥

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Aaron Eckhart talks about his scene with Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight:

"Heath and I were in the same trailer coming up with our looks. (I would be working on Two-Face and Heath would be on the other side with his makeup man). Heath would be making noises…I would look over, and he’s coming up with his makeup [design], which I thought was real special…My one experience with Heath on the film was our scene together in the hospital bed. I thought, ‘Well I don’t really have any lines. What am I going to do?’ I had no idea what was going to happen. (So, I got in the bed, they were lighting, Chris was walking around and doing things). Then, Heath came around. He was always in character…He would come around and be talking to himself in the corner (growling like the Joker). I was laying there watching him the whole time. He would come around me (making the sounds and turning his head)…He didn’t say anything for maybe an hour…then he would start saying his lines…(I would keep watching him) then all of a sudden my hand would come up, and he caught my hand…We just went through this organic process of developing this scene, which was really nothing. When it came time to shoot, we had this thing beautifully choreographed. We never said a word to each other. It was a long day, and we walked out to our trailers. I was walking and Heath puts his hand on my shoulder and says, ‘That’s what acting is all about.”

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Going Through Changes on @weheartit.com - http://whrt.it/104BoVx

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